Sojourner For Truth & Ilumi Black


rappers, songwritters, and realists

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.” –Dick Clark

 Who We Are 

Sojourner For Truth and Ilumi Black from Memphis, Tennessee are both passionate about kingdom building. We came into the game of music-making to unite the Beloved in one Faith, one Savior, one Truth, and one God.

Braced with the recent happenings in the world today and the fact that many don’t want to hear about the Bible, we knew it was time for a new message and a renewed message. Being victims and conquerors of unfavorable life situations and having experienced the divine saving grace of Elohim(God) in various aspects of our lives, we now dedicate our lives to spreading the message, story, and testimony through rap music. Using the mic as our podium, we express our life experiences to bring hope to those who feel lost. “We’re going to keep it 100 with you, no sugar coating but real and relatable words about our life that one can feel,” – Sojourner For Truth and Ilumi Black. The reason music-passionate people find them to be original.

Sojourner For Truth and Ilumi Black have built an outstanding reputation for themselves, preaching and teaching the gospel of Messiah(Christ) through our powerful delivery of lines that heal, uplift, and inspire. Our mission is to liberate people from a world that is poisoned with so many negative messages from the media, movies, music, and others.