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Rappers For Messiah

Sojourniner for truth and ilumi black, Followers of Messiah, sojourning through life seeking answers to the questions that plague one’s soul.
Questioning the frailty of humanity and its existence.
A poetic story about hardships, malice, stony hearts, and redemption. 
Traveling through life down the dark path, but now in the light. Wondering what’s ahead or is this the end.
Using the mic as our podium, expressing our life’s experiences to bring hope to those who feel lost.


The story behind Cry Out is one who has been searching for answers to life and purpose. After experiencing life and making so many bad choices leads to a search for God to see if he’s real. It is a song with words that are spoken with deep meaning. The inspiration came from our own life experiences and hope our story can help others who also are in the same state.