Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Yeshua Messiah(Jesus Christ) is “the True Vine”, and we are the branches. We are to be connected to Him for He is the only way to YeHoVaH(the Lord). It is truly a shame that those who claim to be the body of the Messiah(Christ) are behaving unseemly. Arguing over names, nationalities, skin color, and origins. Full of hatred and racism lording themselves over one another. Acting no different than Simeon and Levi who used YeHoVaH’s covenant to commit mass murder.

Some use the Bible to manipulate and commit murder. I’m not even talking about dealing with the world. This is amongst the so-called Beloved.
What profits the color of your skin? What profits your nationality? Heed brother Saul(Paul) warning, Israel was the apple of  YeHoVaH’s eye yet they did not escape for committing these same acts. What profits your origins? They were the seed of Abraham yet they did not escape for committing the same acts. What profits your use of names? Did He not deliver Israel when they knew not His name? Even when they knew His name they did not escape for committing these same acts.

He delivered us when all we knew was Jesus Christ. Say what you want about your names but from what I experienced. It is faith in who He is more than the Name used. Can you truly say that you are 100% sure?
If so, then why is it that demons tremble and are cast out or people are healed of their sicknesses? We all are at different stages of this walk and He can deal with us according to where we are. We should be helping one another along instead of condemning. He who has an ear let him hear. He who has eyes let him see.

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