Sojourner For Truth Is Feeling Thoughtful

Today I was sitting back and thinking about life. As I was reflecting, it came to me that growing up. We had learned some foolish things. Not realizing it, that we believed that being black required living and behaving ignorantly. Shows like The Cosby Show were looked at as a black family trying to be white. It was “acting white when you used proper English” this is foolishness and ignorant. Calling each other fool and nigga when nigga is from the word nigger. Always being taught to work for someone else instead of being the boss or starting your own business. 

I know that there are systems in place trying to keep one a certain mindset but, that is still no excuse when there are several who have overcome this. Some black millionaires and billionaires are not rappers or play sports. There are black entrepreneurs with their businesses making six figures. Some of the issues are parenting, guiding, instructing, and teaching our children. It’s not society’s job to teach our children “it’s the parents’ job too. You will be what you think you should and, you are what you think you are. That goes for all nationalities.

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