Something To Think About

Something To Think About

After listening to Ezekiel I can help but think, why do people think “we are saved by grace” gives them the right to sin “violate the Law”. Grace was in the Old Testament and not a New Testament only concept. The same gospel we heard was preached also to them in the Old Testament. Isreal was the apple of His eye, chosen people, and His treasured possession yet they were dealt with according to their transgressions.

You say He is the same and that He doesn’t change, so why do you think you can do what is right in your own eyes and not be disciplined? Yes, He is slow to anger and long-suffering but if the warning is not heeded when the time of visitation has come. You should expect to be disciplined according to your transgressions. Therefore repent of the lies you’ve inherited and practice righteousness.

If you fall, pick yourself up and pursue righteousness. Do not remain in your filth or be a dog returning to its vomit. Strive with all your might to remain faithful and pure enduring till the end.

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