A Message From Sojourner For Truth

What up reader, Listen, hear me out. I am on a journey a mission. Observing the times and seasons of life on this earth, I found that there are many troubles. Here in 2020, Memphis, Tennessee, we had over 300 known deaths this year. Over 30 were children that are known, from racism to layoffs to low wages and crooked officials in leadership roles and over employees. Men’s hearts have grown truly cold towards one another.


Though many don’t want to hear about the Bible, events are unfolding right before our eyes. Our society is poisoned, with so many negative messages from media, movies, music, etc. It’s time for a new message, a renewed message. We want to unite the Beloved in one Faith, one Savior, one Truth, and one God. Through rap music, We want to spread this message, our story, and our testimony. We’re going to keep it 100 with you, no sugar coating but real and relatable words about our life that one can feel.


I know this post is long. I want you to feel who we are and the journey we’re on. Rap, hip-hop has lost the way, the true meaning, and their purpose. We might not be in a pulpit or podium. The mic is our podium. If you believe in what we’re doing, I ask that you check us out, like, share, and support what we’re trying to do. It is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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